Your Holiday & Yellow Fever Vaccinations

I am definitely writing this tentatively when I state, it seems the world is slowly opening up again for travel.

One of the great thing about being in the clinic is chatting to all the excited patients telling us about their upcoming trips to all far reaches of the globe.

A topic we are glad people are asking about again is Yellow Fever. We don’t mean this in a self-serving way, but rather it is a key indicator that you all looking to book those exciting holidays again!

The Yellow fever vaccination is a key requirement for countries in South America and Africa where you are at risk of being bitten by infected mosquitos. This will be isolated to regions, thus you may be advised to protect yourself from Malaria from mosquitos but not Yellow Fever as the area you are travelling to is free of these infected insects.

A great example of this is tourist favourite; Kenya.

As you can see from the image, Yellow Fever risk is higher in the central/western part of the country (excluding Nairobi) but the Eastern side doesn’t recommend Yellow Fever protection.

So if you’re off to the coast and those Mombasa beaches, you don’t need to worry. However, if you’re seeing

the rift Valley, or taking safari in Masai Mara, you should look to get your Yellow Fever jabs.

Some countries want you to have proof of vaccination, so we will provide you with a little yellow book which shows your vaccination status so there’s no issues on your journeys.

Yellow fever vaccinations are one dose and can last for life.

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